Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Little Bit of My College Life

Mind you I work ridiculously hard during the week, I take the weekends as a little time to indulge myself in how you probably see college life portrayed in the movies....not as many hot girls though... spending Friday and Saturday nights drinking. Whether it is at a house party or a frat, I can usually find a way to get drunk. For one reason or another, whether it was because I used to be the fat kid, or I didn't get attention for a different reason, I know like to be the center of attention. When I first started "partying" I knew that I had potential due to logic: I was a big guy, who was always able to eat a lot, plus my family has always been around beer (my grandpa owning a tavern, my uncle working at a beer plant) I figured it was in my blood. And after a while...it was. I became quite a little champ. So basically I got drunk in various ways from chugging to pong to beer bongs. I am relatively good at drinking. From these countless nights of drinking I have come across some pretty crazy experiences. Basically I can only sum them up because they were a few months back and I was usually drunk enough where I had to hear the nights events from my friends. So unlike Tucker Max's detailed description of his college days I only have summaries which are nowhere as funny as his, but may still get a chuckle so I guess I tell a few of them and see what happens.

In addition I am a very opinionated person, so some of my posts will be random rants that I may go on due to a rough day's events. Just be ready

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